Friday, 1 July 2011

Chatting with Author Elaine Lowe.

Today I'm welcoming another lovely visitor to the blog; author Elaine Lowe.

It’s a pleasure to have you join us this month. Do you find that this is a busy time of year for you?
Definitely! Summer is packed, given that my son is out of school and as a work at home mom, I have to juggle child, work and writing all the time! And yet, I feel that my drive to write is really high in the heat of summer, when I can sit out in my garden with a glass of lemonade and my laptop.
How do you find the time to fit your writing around your daily routine?
If I can’t find motivation on a given day, I might set a small word goal, let’s say five hundred words, just to force my way past writers block. And sometimes, I am absolutely driven to write, and I have to force myself to stop typing and attend to other things. I often write at night, when everyone else is asleep, or carry my laptop around or a notebook and write while waiting in doctor’s offices, or my son’s music lessons. It’s sort of a catch-as-catch-can kind of writing style.
Would you call yourself organised?
Oh, how I wish. I keep things just organized enough not to drive myself into madness. Between writing, running a PTA, working, keeping track of bills and trying to see the floor of my home every so often, you have to try and keep some kind of vague filing system. But it sure isn’t perfect!
Could you tell us how long you were writing before you became published?
I’ve been writing descriptive stories since high school, though that took a long hiatus in college as I worked on an engineering degree. But once my son was born and I found myself working at home, I really found that keeping a piece of me as an individual and not as just a mother was important. Writing was that piece, and it gives me such happiness. AS it became apparent that my son was autistic and that he needed all the help he could get and me at my best all the time as a parent and an advocate, writing has become a little place of play for me to escape all my troubles. It’s cheaper than therapy and twice as satisfying!
Elaine's latest book is published by Ellora's Cave and is called Magic Eights.

A casual wish by a frustratingly horny wife and a most unexpected bit of magic results. Susanna walks into her kitchen to see two copies of William, her husband of eight years. When they both seduce her, she’s helpless to resist. Who would want to? When another copy walks in and makes love to her, and another, she ceases to ask why, only, how much can she take?

Seven copies, one original and all of them want to push her to the very brink. Can she handle them all? Sinful satisfaction is the best anniversary present, and eight is Susanna’s lucky number.     


Blowing a frizzy strand of reddish-brown hair from in front of her face, Susanna Walker-Wong tried valiantly to relax into the suds of her bath. Truly soothing rose and chamomile scents floated into the hot air of the bathroom, and hot water always relaxed away the tension she held in her shoulders. But all these luxurious bubbles and steam didn’t really get to the core of her problem.
She was horny. Despite, or perhaps because of all the stresses in her life, she was ready to burst with the need for someone to touch her. Well, not just someone. It would be really fabulous if her husband would get a clue and look up from his computer screen long enough to notice her panting after him.
But instead, she took a bath. Really, she shouldn’t be this desperate. It was their eighth anniversary, and that morning their son had been taken to his grandparents’ house where he was likely being spoiled rotten. For lunch, she had been the entree and Will had worshipped her thoroughly, before taking her out to a sumptuous dinner that they’d enjoyed and debated like the foodies they were. It should have been perfect, she should have been completely satisfied.
Her career was humming along, though she was only working on contract, part-time, with Nathan being only four-years-old and just starting pre-school. Yeah, the dishes needed to be done, and there was yard-work that begged to be finished and the floor required vacuuming desperately. But if she ever finished her entire “to do” list, she’d be dead, right? She should be completely content.
So why was she absolutely burning with lust?

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